58% of parents now showing concern over video game violence

Harris Poll: 58 percent of adults believe in a correlation between video games and violence, GamesBeat, February 25, 2013.

Perhaps like the majority of Americans’ attitude about gay marriage, we may be seeing an evolution toward more and more parents being concerned about the impact of violent video games on children and their tendencies toward violence. The percentage of parents who see a correlation is now at 58%. 

It does appear that just like with the ratings for movies, a significant number of parents follow the system rating video games in terms of how children are allowed to buy games, while many parents seem oblivious to the ratings and let their kids buy most anything.

As recently as 2010, 13% of the Federal Trade Commission’s secret shoppers who were underaged were able to purchase games that were M-rated. The worst offender: Walmart. 

But of course, even with these systems being enforced both by stores, many M- and R-rated videogames and films fall into the hands of curious kids, and so parents should be aware.