A shallow remedy to a deeper problem

Gamers hired by father to “kill” son in online games, BBC News, January 7, 2013

An hilarious story of a dad and his 23 year-old unemployed son, but one with a very deadly message, no pun intended.

Seems the exasperated father was so fed up with the son playing video games and doing nothing in real life that he paid a hired gun, an expert in the boy’s favorite game. to hunt down the young man’s imaginary character in the game and kill this imaginary friend.

When experts are asked to comment on this case, they can see no real benefits to this strange intervention on the part of the father. Hard to say for certain since we don’t know all the facts about the family, the father’s relationship with the son, etc. But the experts are probably right. The problem with the playing of the game incessantly while doing nothing in real life and the family tolerating it for so many years probably does need more serious interventions, ones rooted in real life, not in the world of games. The father is seeking a shallow remedy to a deeper problem.

I think we are witnessing the birth of a new syndrome: young people playing games incessantly while they do nothing with their real life circumstances. Parents grow hopeless, exasperated, while a young person’s life passes worthlessly away.