Adult material is always just a few clicks away

Kids 3 clicks away from adult content on YouTube, study says,, February 7, 2013

One of those scary truths that should send a few chills down a few parental spines: any kid with a computer and access to the Internet is just a few clicks away from gritty adult videos on YouTube and porn sites of the most salacious type.

I recall a 20 year-old patient telling me of how he had somehow hooked into porn as a 15 year-old during a time when he was quite lonely and depressed. Its images were still haunting him 5 years later.

Another boy still in his teens had become highly troubled while surreptitiously dipping into porn sites accessed on YouTube and had become “addicted” to masturbation.

Still others of my patients tell similar stories.

Teens have always been curious about sex, but more needed to be left to their imaginations. Now there is no need for one to use one’s own fantasies. Those of adults, often with perverted trends, are there for the clicking.