The American Girl’s Dilemma: Sexy or Fat, Pimply or Perfect

Young American females grow up in a kind of cultural vice. In article after scholarly article, we confront an ever-growing body of documentation about how widespread childhood obesity has become and how immersion in the media, which seems to grow more extensive from year to year, is playing a crucial role in this trend.

Concurrently, another body of research accruing since the 1990s has shown that young females as they enter puberty are more and more prone to becoming sexually active secondary to their simply watching mainstream movies and TV. In both comic and dramatic shows, many blithe plotlines circle around sexual behaviors. Finally, and perhaps as nettling for impressionable females, the body type thrown constantly before their eyes is that of the thin, almost gaunt female with big breasts. Imperceptibly but relentlessly this has become the female body ideal, one out of reach for most of them.

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