Are media devices having a negative impact on young minds?

Are smartphones making our children mentally ill? The Telegraph, March 21, 2015.

An excellent article that captures many, many of my ideas that can now be read in much detail in my book, When the Media is┬áthe Parent about how the media world in which our children now are constantly immersed is impacting very negatively on many of our children’s psyches.

Though the British psychotherapist who is featured in the article focuses mostly on the smartphone, her points can be generalized to all media devices as our children swim in a multi-media world. Her points are multiple.

First, kids carry these media devices with them everywhere so that when their parents, for instance, think they are safely ensconced in their bedrooms, they are really living in unsafe worlds, where pornographic behaviors or ghoulish violence or glamorized drug consumption are the ceilings and walls that surround them. In short, their values are distorted.

Second, they live in a media world rather than in a real one surrounded by family and friends who love them. In short, their emotional connections become problematic.

Third, they compare themselves with fashion models and A list actors and find that they come up short. That is, their sense of self is gravely damaged.

The list goes on, but the British therapist is only stating in the here and now how much this media immersion is now impacting very clearly on the psyches of so many of our children, most especially the vulnerable ones.