Can the internet engage our emotions?

Do screens make kids happy? Your Ottawa Region, May 1, 2013 

Kid using laptop

An article that offers a complex and balanced approach. As the author points out, kids can learn a lot of valuable information from the internet. If given a task that involves the acquiring of knowledge about, say, the Vikings, they can learn a lot quickly.

But as she also points out, kids who are involved in online activities are not actually engaged in the activity. They are not learning social skills or how to interact with other humans. She contends that screen time does not make a person actually happy.

I’m not sure what she actually means here, as I have found that many emails I have received or articles I’ve read or written and then had published online have rendered me happy, satisfied, curious. Rather I am more concerned that kids and adults who spend endless hours online do not experience nearly as much real time with real people and so run the risk of becoming in a sense less human.