Children’s television is often just long-form advertising

A curious article out of Australia that describes how TV characters like Spider-Man, Batman and even Dora the Explorer are taking over our children’s lives in an insidious but significant way. Children’s media is cluttered with images of and references to these media characters, and quite readily kids, in their uncritical enthusiasm, want access to to consumer items featuring these characters. Continue reading

Relentless marketing contributes to childhood obesity

A valuable article that describes a recent report from the World Health Organization. The WHO has surveyed problem of childhood obesity and found that childhood obesity is rampant in much of the developed world. Continue reading

Advertising to children

A valuable article about the distressing development of makers of toys using TV commercials to sell kids on the buying of their very expensive wares. The point is clearly made that kids are gullible consumers with big clout economically, and the makers of toys know this, and so they set out, under the parents’ very noses, to woo their kids into buying junk they don’t need. Continue reading

High tech media devices are here to stay

An article that clarifies how deeply high tech media devices are now embedded in our lives. They are here to stay. From year to year they may become more integral to our lives. Please note that the author of this piece works for Fisher Price, a toy-making company that has now invested much in developing and marketing high tech toys. So he has a lot to win if parents get with the program. Continue reading

Is alcohol advertising aimed at teenagers?

A thorough and valuable article that not only underscores the fact that advertisers, almost certainly intentionally, target 10 to 15 year-olds in the UK, and for that matter the US, at an importance audience for alcohol products, but also outlines how difficult it is to change in a positive direction the habits of the advertising arms of alcohol producing companies through the passage of laws. Continue reading

Social media has been flooded with ads from sex workers

A fresh article about an ongoing social problem: kids being presented with opportunities to meet prostitutes via Facebook and Twitter. The article describes a growing problem in Britain, but a similar story had hit the headlines in America more than a year ago. Seems that mainline social media engines have been flooded with ads from sex workers, and their propositions are coming directly to kids. Continue reading

Are media companies marketing to one and two year-old kids?

An intriguing article that make an interesting point about how the onslaught of media machines now involves high tech and media companies marketing to one and two year-old kids. As for the makers of the technology, they are working to sell their devices as parenting tools to harried parents. If they can make the devices sound educational, then the parents often fall for the devices and go out and buy them. Continue reading

The physiological influence of food advertising

A valuable article that features discussion of a recent research study on how obese children show actual physiological changes in the pleasure centers of their brains on Magnetic Resonance (MRI) scans when shown food logos, like the golden arches or the Cheeto cheetah, versus non-food logos. Continue reading

Are children conditioned by the media to be consumers rather than human beings?

The pop culture in which kids live so many, many hours of their lives is overwhelming and deceiving. Essentially, children are conditioned by the media to be consumers rather than human beings. Continue reading

Pressure to drink comes not just from peers but from mainstream media

Before students graduate from high school they will have watched about 2000 alcohol commercials per years. Naturally kids soak up what they see. Continue reading