Trump’s rhetoric doesn’t just affect adults

A disturbing and thought-provoking article about how Candidate Trump, through his penetration into the lives and psyches of many Americans via the media, has turned up the dial on bullying in many schools around the country. Continue reading

The media can be one factor in developing eating disorders

A thoughtful and thorough article about the connection between eating disorders and media immersion. The idea here is that young females especially, but also males, who watch much media – and the average now is at least four hours a day – are constantly being presented with images of female and male beauty that glamorizes slimness. This repetitious act of viewing such thin and beautiful humans becomes embedded in our psyches so that the viewer sees thinness as an ideal, one toward which she or he strives. Continue reading

Measuring up to the media

The idea of a thigh gap is a new one on me, but I think my relative ignorance in this matter only points out how much on the media operates on a level of which parents are not aware. Continue reading

Child supermodels?

An interesting article about a 9-year old Russian supermodel named Kristina Piminova. As the article correctly points out, this lovely young girl is being sexualized by the media and certainly by those who follow her and her various photo spreads. Though she is mostly modeling children’s clothing, people who find her attractive are often adults who see her through the lens of sexuality. Continue reading

Are kids learning bad behavior from the media?

An excellent and thoughtful article by Greg Trimble with some serious concerns about the troubling way the media is affecting our kids. To be sure, basic issues like the glamorizing of sex and violence come to mind quite easily. But Trimble is writing about something at once more subtle and insidious: role modeling and values. Continue reading

Anything for fame

A short article on an alarming new craze among kids: They light themselves on fire, video themselves douse the flames and post the episode online. The purpose is ostensibly a few minutes of media celebrity. Continue reading

Are kids today more self-centered than ever?

A thought-provoking article that lays out some provocative ideas but leaves matters unresolved. The gist of the article is the movement of kids from generation to generation toward more self-centeredness. Or as one of my earlier articles puts it: “Self-Centered: the New Normal.” Continue reading

Role models

An article that gives one reason to pause and ponder. It stars Miley Cyrus on a spending spree, her bragging about it even sprawling amid her easily bought wares. The article also gives mention to other young starlets like Jessica Simpson and the Kardashians behaving in a similar manner. Why is such bragging and such conspicuous consumption cool or even acceptable? Continue reading

Raising media awareness for parents

A very interesting article about an equally interesting school seminar in Longview, Texas. The gist of the seminar involves displaying for parents the lyrics of contemporary music and video games and then juxtaposing them with similar media material from the past. Continue reading

Media creates role models for children

The media creating role models for our kids begins with small things like a child getting a light saber and playing with it or having an Ariel outfit and wearing it on Halloween. This progresses to more complex bit of emulation and imitation, like mouthing lines from the movie and doing play-acting with friends, which could include uses of voice tone and gesture. Continue reading