The physical perils of being plugged into screens

An amusing if informative article with illustrations, about the physical perils of being plugged into screens constantly. Bad posture, neck problems, hand discomfort, decrease in physical acuity to name a few. Continue reading

Relentless marketing contributes to childhood obesity

A valuable article that describes a recent report from the World Health Organization. The WHO has surveyed problem of childhood obesity and found that childhood obesity is rampant in much of the developed world. Continue reading

Screen time is also snack time

A worthwhile article that makes some well-known points, if with a few new twists. Another academic center has done research on kids and measured the connection between screen time and obesity. Only they’ve added in a new idea: contrasting the outcome of reading time versus screen time. The outcome: kids definitely do better in terms of weight if they read rather than veg in front of the tube. Continue reading

The physiological influence of food advertising

A valuable article that features discussion of a recent research study on how obese children show actual physiological changes in the pleasure centers of their brains on Magnetic Resonance (MRI) scans when shown food logos, like the golden arches or the Cheeto cheetah, versus non-food logos. Continue reading

Children still need to exercise the old fashioned way

A new study about the use of Wii video games reaches a startling conclusion: Though parents and children want to see such Wii games as great for exercise, they seem to have only one positive effect. They break up the time kids spend sedentary in front of screens. Continue reading

Junk Foods, Healthy Foods and the Media

In the US, one third of all children are obese or over-weight while in Chile one quarter of all kids are obese. The cause: a medley of factors but perhaps the most central involves the eating of junk food, which means high caloric, fatty, sweet and salty dishes, in abundance. Since most kids watch a lot of TV, they are manipulated by fun commercials that market many of this unhealthy fare. Continue reading