Media touches on every health concern of young people

A concise statement about how the American Academy of Pediatrics has taken a strong stand on the potential pitfalls of the media on the lives of their young patients. Dr. David Hill, the chairman-elect of the American Academy’s committee on communications and the media, is working to get pediatricians more and more concerned about media issues so that pediatricians will be able to discuss the matter during regular wellness visits with their young patients and parents. Continue reading

Pressure to drink comes not just from peers but from mainstream media

Before students graduate from high school they will have watched about 2000 alcohol commercials per years. Naturally kids soak up what they see. Continue reading

Cheers to a troubled pop star

Media figures such as Rihanna exert a strong influence on children and teens. Read more at Psychology Today. Continue reading

Smoking, sex in movies influence teens’ choices

A terse article reviewing two recent studies that reiterate two facts well known by social scientists for years: Both teen smoking and early and frequent unsafe sex happen more readily among kids who watch many mainline movies where sex and smoking are glamorized. Continue reading

Teens and preteens doing rash and harmful things

Teen could face jail for tweeting names of her assailants Mashable, July 12, 2012: Hook county girls arrested for creating Facebook page Star-Telegram: July 19, 2012: Diablo 3 Death: Teen dies after playing game for 40 hours straight Huffington Post, … Continue reading