Child supermodels?

An interesting article about a 9-year old Russian supermodel named Kristina Piminova. As the article correctly points out, this lovely young girl is being sexualized by the media and certainly by those who follow her and her various photo spreads. Though she is mostly modeling children’s clothing, people who find her attractive are often adults who see her through the lens of sexuality. Continue reading

The sexualization of American youth

A worthwhile article about a documentary that decries the sexualization of American youth, most especially females. The real issue is that we as a nation are now immersed day in, day out in the media… Continue reading

Social media amplifies peer pressure

An alarming article in the popular press that describes a scholarly article just being published in regard to the effects of Facebook and other social media sites on adolescents’s drinking and smoking use. Continue reading

Parents need to keep up

An article by Dr. Leonard Sax, a family physician who has written a book on children and the media. The article describes a 12 year old girl who made a naked pic of herself and sent it to a teen boyfriend who accidentally left his phone unattended. A friend found the photo and sent it viral. A major mental health crisis followed for the girl. Continue reading

Media pervasiveness is often taken for granted

Yet another story about how the media so totally becomes part and parcel of the lives of American teens in ways they can barely comprehend. Two teen males repeatedly rape a drunken teenage girl. First in a car and then in a basement. Terrible behaviors and ensuing trauma that has plagued the world of teens for centuries. What makes matters different here is the boys’ making pictures of it and sending it out on their cellphones, presumably on a lark. Continue reading

Parents need to wake up to the problems of social media

A must-read article featuring a technology security expert at the University of Notre Dame Kolin Hodgson, who spoke with a group of sixth graders in South Bend, Indiana. His conclusions are a bit chilling. And his recommendations are quite firm, even stern. Continue reading

The consequences of technology

An interesting article in three parts. In the first part, the author reviews a recent case of girls taking snapshots of themselves nude and sending them out via cellphones to their friends. They think the photos will “self-destruct,” but the problem is they don’t. They spread like wildfire. Continue reading

Media immersion may be stunting moral development

A concise and valuable piece by psychologist Jim Taylor that drives home a few major ideas. The media world in which kids immerse themselves is often violent, highly sexual and glamorizing of drugs and alcohol. These are the issues that grab the headlines. But the underlying world often depicted by the media is often self-centered and uncaring, lacking in empathy or selflessness. Continue reading

Raising media awareness for parents

A very interesting article about an equally interesting school seminar in Longview, Texas. The gist of the seminar involves displaying for parents the lyrics of contemporary music and video games and then juxtaposing them with similar media material from the past. Continue reading

Social media has been flooded with ads from sex workers

A fresh article about an ongoing social problem: kids being presented with opportunities to meet prostitutes via Facebook and Twitter. The article describes a growing problem in Britain, but a similar story had hit the headlines in America more than a year ago. Seems that mainline social media engines have been flooded with ads from sex workers, and their propositions are coming directly to kids. Continue reading