Raising media awareness for parents

A very interesting article about an equally interesting school seminar in Longview, Texas. The gist of the seminar involves displaying for parents the lyrics of contemporary music and video games and then juxtaposing them with similar media material from the past. Continue reading

58% of parents now showing concern over video game violence

Perhaps like the majority of Americans’ attitude about gay marriage, we may be seeing an evolution toward more and more parents being concerned about the impact of violent video games on children and their tendencies toward violence. The percentage of parents who see a correlation is now at 58%. Continue reading

Video games aren’t the only influence on kids and teens, but…

Leading media violence expert warns town that game burning could do more harm than good, Polygon, January 4, 2013 A perplexing article about the planned burning of video games in Newtown after the school shooing. An academic researcher, with a number … Continue reading

The video game debate is often over-simplified

The title of this article is misleading and simplistic. These matters are always multi-causal and more complex. As psychologist Dr Jack Fenton points out, there are many reasons why individual kids turn to violent video games in the first place. He mentions parental separation and living in an unsafe neighborhood as two. Others are social anxiety and low self-esteem and peer pressure. Continue reading

Do video games make kids violent? The debate rages on…

The swirling controversy over the causal connection between violent video games and real life violence in young people is now in the limelight because of the Newtown shootings and the revelation that Adam Lanza was a violent video gamer. Continue reading

A shallow remedy to a deeper problem

An hilarious story of a dad and his 23 year-old unemployed son, but one with a very deadly message, no pun intended. Seems the exasperated father was so fed up with the son playing video games and doing nothing in real life that he paid a hired gun, an expert in the boy’s favorite game. to hunt down the young man’s imaginary character in the game and kill this imaginary friend. Continue reading

Children still need to exercise the old fashioned way

A new study about the use of Wii video games reaches a startling conclusion: Though parents and children want to see such Wii games as great for exercise, they seem to have only one positive effect. They break up the time kids spend sedentary in front of screens. Continue reading

We live in a society in which ghoulish violence is the norm

The media is now alive with article after article about the Newtown shootings, the role of guns, mental illness, and violent media in the killings. I fear that as a culture we are prone to making one subject all the rage and then growing bored and moving on… Continue reading

Gun violence is a complicated issue

A confusing if valuable article. The author states a few positions with which I disagree. First, we can have more than one debate at a time about a subject as problematic as gun violence. Second, he constantly refers to blaming someone or something for the killings at Newtown. Continue reading

It’s an old argument, but are video games to blame?

In the wake of the Newtown school shootings, a valuable restatement of an old theme: violent video games can foment violence. Continue reading