Are kids today more self-centered than ever?

A thought-provoking article that lays out some provocative ideas but leaves matters unresolved. The gist of the article is the movement of kids from generation to generation toward more self-centeredness. Or as one of my earlier articles puts it: “Self-Centered: the New Normal.” Continue reading

A possibly skewed look at the pros and cons of digital ware for toddlers

A short and somewhat strange article ostensibly about the pros and cons of raising toddlers with an abundance of digital machines at their finger tips. Continue reading

Parents need to keep up

An article by Dr. Leonard Sax, a family physician who has written a book on children and the media. The article describes a 12 year old girl who made a naked pic of herself and sent it to a teen boyfriend who accidentally left his phone unattended. A friend found the photo and sent it viral. A major mental health crisis followed for the girl. Continue reading

Cutting the power on media device over-use

A wonderfully absorbing story about a family that experienced a power shortage at their home and as a result rediscovered a world without screens and yet rich in human relations. A worthwhile read. Fits well with my idea that families need to develop traditions in which screens and the media are set aside, and older, more traditional ways of relating are placed at center stage, so to speak. Continue reading

The physical perils of being plugged into screens

An amusing if informative article with illustrations, about the physical perils of being plugged into screens constantly. Bad posture, neck problems, hand discomfort, decrease in physical acuity to name a few. Continue reading

American Academy of Pediatrics may be behind the times

A thought-provoking article about the recently updated official position of the American Academy of Pediatrics on children and the media. As the author points out, the AAP remains in the position of actively recommending no television viewing for kids under age 2 even though most of these kids are already watching a lot of TV. So the position of the AAP seems out of touch with reality. Continue reading

Too many screens may be ruining your kids

An absolutely excellent article outlining the ideas of Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair in the book The Big Disconnect, which makes the point that media screens are seriously disrupting American families in ways that are at once subtle and serious. Continue reading

Immersion in technology has its effects

A compelling article that reviews three recent books on the subject of the impact of high tech on the lives of kids. The word seems to be that the media has many negative effects. It seems to be taking over kids’ lives in a fairly destructive way. No surprise, really. Continue reading

Is technology killing our ability to communicate?

A curious article related to research at the Department of Psychiatry at King’s College London. The study done there raises concern that children who grow up relating more to iPads and media devices rather than to real people will reach adulthood with a less full and developed vocabulary than those who relate less to machines and more to humans. Continue reading

Technology and education

A valuable article about the positive effects high tech screens can and are having on education. As the author clarifies, many of the older trappings of the classroom, like chalkboards and crank operated pencil sharpeners are becoming things of the past, while Power Point presentations and interactive learning apps seem to be the future. Continue reading