Are kids learning bad behavior from the media?

An excellent and thoughtful article by Greg Trimble with some serious concerns about the troubling way the media is affecting our kids. To be sure, basic issues like the glamorizing of sex and violence come to mind quite easily. But Trimble is writing about something at once more subtle and insidious: role modeling and values. Continue reading

It’s not just the time, it’s the content

Arguably a ground breaking article regarding the causal nature of the media on childhood obesity. Not only does this article out of Boston Children’s Hospital make the case for such a connection via hard data. It also makes another important point: This issue may not just be the amount of screen time a child experiences but the content of the screen time. Continue reading

TV for kids: is it all bad?

A terse article that tries to balance the pros and cons of TV watching for kids. It begins with a clear statement that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against kids watching TV before the age of 2 and that parents tend to use the TV as a babysitter much too often. Continue reading

Excessive screen time linked to anxiety and depression

An arresting article about how a study published by Public Health England concludes that excessive screen time is linked to anxiety and depression and limits children’s opportunities for social interaction and physical activity. Continue reading

Too much media immersion can lead to depression

The sheer number of scholarly articles keeps mounting. In this article, which features a study done by researchers in Britain, it seems that immersion in screens by kids has a number of problematic effects in the areas of self esteem, anxiety and depression. Continue reading

Too many screens may be ruining your kids

An absolutely excellent article outlining the ideas of Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair in the book The Big Disconnect, which makes the point that media screens are seriously disrupting American families in ways that are at once subtle and serious. Continue reading

Viewing media has become a solitary activity

Family television hour as a thing of the past. Hot Air, June 23,2013. A thoughtful article about the shifting landscape of media for children. Read in conjunction with other articles, it makes the point that the field of play in … Continue reading

Children’s television is often just long-form advertising

A curious article out of Australia that describes how TV characters like Spider-Man, Batman and even Dora the Explorer are taking over our children’s lives in an insidious but significant way. Children’s media is cluttered with images of and references to these media characters, and quite readily kids, in their uncritical enthusiasm, want access to to consumer items featuring these characters. Continue reading

Passive TV time vs. active computer time

A worthwhile piece that needs to be read respectfully and carefully. The writer/mother begins with a vignette regarding an interaction with another mom who links together TV time and computer time and is adamantly against both. The writer begs to differ. She sees computer time as valuable and TVs not so much. She sees time with one as creative and interactive and the other as passive and inhibiting of creativity. Continue reading

Addicted to technology

A sobering article about a UK psychologist working with children and adolescents who are “hooked on” media machines. Though the article is a bit cursory in terms of his definitions of media or internet addiction (see my articles in Psychology Today about the subject of internet addiction for more details), he has a very interesting way of treating the condition. Continue reading