Child supermodels?

 Why do we have 9-year-old supermodels? Daily Life, December 1, 2014.

An interesting article about a 9-year old Russian supermodel named Kristina Piminova. As the article correctly points out, this lovely young girl is being sexualized by the media and certainly by those who follow her and her various photo spreads. Though she is mostly modeling children’s clothing, ¬†people who find her attractive are often adults who see her through the lens of sexuality.

As the article also points out, many superstar models started their careers at the age of 12 or 13, just as they were moving into puberty. But a 9 year old model with such acclaim as this Russian girl now seems to experience is quite out of the ordinary.

To be sure, advertisement of children’s clothing will take place, and the use of attractive models would seem to be part of the process. But attempts on the part of photographers and advertisers to intimate sexuality in this girl begins to smack of voyeurism and pedophilia.