Children’s television is often just long-form advertising

How TV characters are taking over our children’s lives., June 7, 2013.

A curious article out of Australia that describes how TV characters like Spider-Man, Batman and even Dora the Explorer are taking over our children’s lives in an insidious but significant way. Children’s media is cluttered with images of and references to these media characters, and quite readily kids, in their uncritical enthusiasm, want access to to consumer items featuring these characters.

Ben 10 MerchandiseWhile the media characters in question may seem innocent enough and even prosocial like Dora the Explorer, the idea here is that the makers of various products, from lunch boxers to pajamas to Halloween costumes to pencils, are bent on cleaning up financially on unwitting kids, and they do.

Via the media, they bombard the average child with action-packed, attractive images, which then come to be people in the imaginations of these very young kids. The kids then pester their stressed and tired parents into submission, that is into buying the products they so very much desire, or think they desire.

In fact it is the 24/7 media blitz that preys on these children’s susceptibilities and hence their parents since they eventually succumb to the children’s media-manufactured enthusiasm.