Clear link between screen time and obesity

U.K. Watchdog: Overweight Kids Should Watch Less TV. The Hollywood Reporter, October 23, 2013.

Encouraging article about the NICE, which is the British counterpart of the NIMH, voicing deep concern about the fact that more and more children in Britain are overweight or obese (about 30%) and that the major factor in this epidemic is children’s sitting in front of screens, be they TVs or computers, too many hours a day.

The concern has become so grave and the causal connection so clear in terms of time spend in front of screens and obesity, that NICE is making very clear recommendations about the need for kids to tear themselves away from screens and also start making journals to follow their own activities for a number of weeks.

These recommendations would certainly apply to American kids and most especially to children already suffering from obesity. The attendant medical problems for this group are severe: diabetes and heart disease. It’s time for families to start making changes since the research in this area is pretty robust.