Excessive screen time linked to anxiety and depression

TV, gaming cause depression in children. IOL Lifestyle, September 13, 2013.

An arresting article about how a study published by Public Health England concludes that excessive screen time is linked to anxiety and depression and limits children’s opportunities for social interaction and physical activity.

A startling conclusion? Probably not. As Professor Kevin Fenton, director of well being and health at PHE sees it, too much screen time limits a child’s chances for physical activity and face-to-face social interaction with friends and family, which may be key factors in reducing childhood anxiety.

Though no specific suggestions are made in this article about how too much screen time can lead to depression, one idea suggested elsewhere is that kids in front of screens are unconsciously comparing themselves with those they see in the shows and films they watch, and they never seem to measure up. Not good enough looking, not athletic enough. Too pudgy or pimpled. Hence lower self esteem and depression.