Glamorous alcohol

Alcohol ads in movies influence kids to drink. The Times of India, May 28, 2013. 

A worthwhile article about the problematic impact of the glamorization of alcohol consumption in movies on adolescent alcohol use.

The article traces the history of how, after the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement enforced by State Attorneys General around the nation, tobacco companies could no longer pay filmmakers serious money to place their products in films, tobacco placement dropped by 7% a year.

But the agreement did not apply to alcohol brand placement, and the alcohol industry does not self-regulate well. Of course not, since there is big money to be made here, and a large mass of consumers to lure in. So alcohol brand placement has appeared in movies for kids as young as 13.

Since there is evidence to support the position that the depiction of alcohol consumption directly leads to actual teen drinking, many experts are now recommending that any movie that depicts drinking in contexts that make drinking appear acceptable and attractive should be R rated. An excellent idea!