High tech media devices are here to stay

Toddlers, Technology and the Well-Rounded Toy Box, The Huffington Post, March 8 2013.


An article that clarifies how deeply high tech media devices are now embedded in our lives. They are here to stay. From year to year they may become more integral to our lives.

Please note that the author of this piece works for Fisher Price, a toy-making company that has now invested much in developing and marketing high tech toys. So he has a lot to win if parents get with the program.

He of course tips his hat to the parents who he acknowledges make the final choices on what media gadgets fall into the hands of our kids, but we all know that the matter is a little bit more complicated than parents just making choices. First, the kids watch the media and clamor for certain items.

Second, the parents are often overwhelmed with busy lives and too readily turn to the media gadgets to do a bit of babysitting. The family dynamic becomes circular as the child often has easy access to media advertising that only whets his or her appetite for new media creations, new apps and gadgets for which the child clamors for access.