Immersion in technology has its effects

Resisting the Siren Call of the Screen. New York Times, August 18 2913.

A compelling article that reviews three recent books on the subject of the impact of high tech on the lives of kids. The word seems to be that the media has many negative effects. It seems to be taking over kids’ lives in a fairly destructive way. No surprise, really.

The author of the article acknowledges that he, his wife and their children are already into the high tech culture up to the eyebrows. Stepping back from this precarious perch is difficult since he and his wife have been pretty laissez faire about the whole thing, and the immersion in high tech has become a way of life for their kids. Hence freeing them from the problematic lifestyles is tough as the kids fuss, fight and fume over any serious changes, and the problem has gone on for too long.

A cautionary family tale now buttressed by a growing body of published work, much of it published by academic presses, that leaves many families and children already too far into lives overly immersed in the media, with parents too blase, too ignorant or too timid to work to turn these matters around.