iPads for infants: learning or stunting growth?

The ultimate babysitter? iPads for infants stir debate. Mother Nature Network, April 26 2012.

An impressive article that pulls together much material of grave concern. The subject is the use of iPads with very, very little kids. The child in question is only 10 months old, and already his mother is introducing him to iPad material. She thinks it’s great because he’s learning, she feels. Also, she has more time to herself. It’s the perfect baby sitter.

There are many problems, however, described by experts, alluded to in the article. Since the child’s brain is still very much in a development age throughout the preschool years, what with synaptic paths still being from, pruning of unnecessary neuronal connection still occurring, etc, it is easy to see some of the concerns. 

One child psychiatrist is concerned in terms of the lack of development of neuronal pathways to facilitate three-dimensional perspectives. 

Others express concern about the relative passivity of the child glued in front of a screen, and still others muse over time in cyberspace versus time actively playing, creating imaginatively, and interacting with others.

One expert acknowledges how transfixing screens are, and how difficult it is to tear kids away from them. An addiction in the making, I’d say, as does the new Diagnostic Manual for psychiatrists, which now lists internet addition as an actual disorder.