Is alcohol advertising aimed at teenagers?

Children in UK are more exposed to alcohol promotion than adults, Science Omega, March 4, 2013

A thorough and valuable article that not only underscores the fact that advertisers, almost certainly intentionally, target 10 to 15 year-olds in the UK, and for that matter the US, at an importance audience for alcohol products, but also outlines how difficult it is to change in a positive direction the habits of the advertising arms of alcohol producing companies through the passage of laws.

As a university professor immersed in the study of these phenomena clarifies, once tobacco products were banned from advertising on TV, the makers of these products simply shifted their advertising resources into other forms of media, like magazines and, nowadays, the social media.

The whole purpose of advertising alcohol to minors is to build brand recognition and even popularity. A number of key ingredients are usually in play: humor, glamour and sex appeal serve as ways of making the product seem very attractive. These work to develop curiosity for the alcoholic product in the psyche of the young person.

Once curiosity for the product is implanted, the youth naturally wants to try a product, one from which his elders ban any contact. Once the experience of drinking happens and culminates in inebriation, the young customer may become a lifetime proponent of the alcohol product in question. So are products sold.