Is Twilight’s Edward Cullen really all that monstrous?

Edward Cullen: Negative Influence on Teens?, Teen Ink

Though I’ve seen only the first of the Twilight movies, I found this piece and the movie disconcerting for a number of¬†reasons. Edward Cullen and his vampire family are nothing like your more traditional vampire figures. Going back to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the various film renditions of this tale, and more recently the Interview with a Vampire books and film, we’ve long been acquainted with vampires who are brutal predators of women, blood suckers and sadomasochists of the lowest type. In Edward we meet a different type of vampire guy: a sensitive, good fellow who loves Bella well and who is in a war with the usual vampire race.

So is he a vampire at all? Of course, since he sucks blood to stay alive. Yet he struck me as more like a super hero than a super villain. Also, he can come out during the day, go to high school and act pretty normally. 

So is Cullen a negative influence or not? Difficult for me to say. And it may depend on the teen girls in question, that is it the girls who are obsessed with him. What’s happened here is that a very dark figure, Dracula, has been strangely transformed into a mannerly guy who’s been misunderstood and really wishes the best for all the girls whose blood he wishes to suck.