Kids spend too much time in front of the TV, at least in the US and Britain

Why do so many parents park their children in front of the TV?, The Telegraph, January 2, 2013

A delightful little article, written by a mother who admits her flaws, about how so many British, and American, children spend so much time in front of TV screens. Interestingly, Continental children not so much. 

The article makes a few very valuable points and offers at least one telling vignette.

The issue here is how certain parents acculturate their kids use TVs and the media when the kids are bored, while other parents do it differently. I contend that more parents would be concerned about the dangers of too much media gazing if they knew they are pretty well documented.

One amusing and important vignette involves the author/mother chatting with a stewardess about kids while the author’s child explores the food galley on the plane. The stewardess seems to upbraid the mom for not introducing her kid to Baby Einstein DVDs. The author thinks that time with humans is more valuable and leaves upset. The issue here is, I think, that the stewardess if misinformed, the author/mom not. But the two are on different sides of an argument, and the media works hard to keep us misinformed.

The article clarifies that kids often watch TV in place of reading and studying, and this is clearly becoming a problem for us, and the Brits, as nations.

All in all, the article shows how every set of parents must make decisions on their own about how must to let the media into their families and how the decision is a crucial one.