Limiting screen time for kids

Dept. of Health: Screen time is big time problem for kids. Las Cruces Sun-News, August 26, 2015.

A good summary article of the state of affairs in terms of screen time in childhood, its ill-effects on kids, and some approaches to making a difference.

In terms of screen time, the figures are staggering with kids spending many, many hours per day in front of screens while only spending about a half hour daily reading.

The articles then repeats the grim reality that screen to talk and tell kids to eat junk food, and they do. Hence they get fat; hence childhood obesity is a growing problem.

But the article also describes a public program emanating from the public schools in New Mexico which entails kids and their families being encouraged to spend only two hours a day in front of screens – a recommendation long ago issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics and other professional organizations – and exercising more as well as eating more fruits and vegetables. This approach seems to work, and it would be worthwhile if this approach were nationally touted not just on a community or statewide level, but nationally.