Managing screen time is a real issue for modern parents

Six realistic ways to manage your kids’ screen time. The Globe and Mail, February 24, 2016.

An article with six simple ways to impact positively on a family’s involvement with the media. The ideas are simple but effective. They include parents playing video games and watching media with their children, putting down their own cell phones and electronics to be with their kids, setting limits on time spent with the media, and perhaps quite crucial to any sanity here, the parents getting TVs and electronics out of their children’s bedrooms at bedtime.

Though the ideas are simple, it is remarkable in my experience how difficult it is for parents to follow through on these prescriptions. The problem with the media in so many kids’ lives is that the media machines are ubiquitous, and the so the parents and children are almost blind to how often and how obsessively all in the family turn on their machines to check for something or to entertain themselves when they are bored or unhappy or anxious.

The flood of these machines into our homes is relentless, the advertisements that entice us to buy more machines are so appealing and attractive, and the peer pressure both children and parents feel to buy the latest and greatest is so strong, that it is too easy to give in and bring yet another slick media machines into the midst of the family.

But I would advise many parents simply to copy out on a simple piece of paper and tape to a wall and study daily the list compiled in this simple and straight-forward article.