Measuring up to the media

Rise of the Thigh Gap: Worrying trend for impossibly skinny legs reaches alarming new heights. The Mirror, December 4, 2014.

A recent magazine cover featuring Beyonce showing off her thigh gap.

A recent magazine cover featuring Beyonce showing off her thigh gap.

The idea of a thigh gap is a new one on me, but I think my relative ignorance in this matter only points out how much on the media operates on a level of which parents are not aware.

The more general idea here is that young females in Western societies really do look to the flood of media images they view to form their own opinion of their bodies, and in most instances they don’t measure up.

The story itself focuses on a young female actress Millie Mackintosh who has posted what qualifies as a selfie online. In it, the starlet flaunts a very noticeable ‘thigh gap,’ which refers to the distance between her two thighs just below her vagina.

The motive of the starlet in posting the picture in question is perhaps unclear but probably is motivated both by her pride in her looks and her desire to widen her fandom.

What needs to be clarified is that many females, no matter how thin they are, would not have much thigh gap, due to the their individual anatomy. But the gap, or lack thereof, becomes for many girls something to fret about.

This aspect of their anatomy then becomes a focal point of their feelings of inferiority and can play havoc with their eating habits.