Media can be a good influence as well as a bad one

Kidobi and Your Family Entertainment Provide Screen Time Parents and Pediatricians Can Feel Good About, PRWeb, March 13, 2013.

An article that keys off the recent study published in the scholarly journal PEDIATRICS about how more prosocial shows on TV, etc. can actually enhance children’s positive social tendencies. The idea here is that parents do need to be concerned about not just the quantity of screen time presented to their children but also the quality.

The article is really a bit of advertisement for a product called Kidobi, a high tech tool that screens out certain shows that are more violent and problematic in their messages and points children toward more prosocial, nonviolent shows.


If parents use this tool, they don’t have to “micromanage” their kids so much in terms of the hovering over their kids so much in order to be assured that their kids aren’t dwelling on bloodbath movies or overly sexualized flicks.

But there is a problem here. In truth, quantity remains a problem. This can not be denied. Also, there is no good substitute in a child’s life for an involved parent. A high tech gadget that screens out bad stuff is not as good for a child as concerned parental involvement.