Media creations can affect vulnerable minds

Jake Evans’ Confession: Killing Mom, Sister Inspired By Rob Zombie Film, Huff Post Crime, January 25, 2013

A compelling and chilling article about a teen murderer who lived in a gated community in Texas. Jake Evans shot his mom and 15 year-old sister dead with a hand gun. In his confession, he clarifies that he’d watched the movie Halloween three times the day of the murder. 

The film, he says, facilitated him into feeling that the murders could be done with ease, just as the murderer in the films seems to feel he can kill family members guilt-free.

Also, included in this link is a forty minute recording of the 911 call Jake made to report the killings. Cold, stunning and devastatingly vacant of much affect on the part of the 17 year-old boy as he gives a few slight reasons for his shooting his sister. She was rude and a little mean, we learn.

The 911 operator keeps him on the line to help guide the police to his house and to make sure he doesn’t kill himself with the still-loaded gun, which sits on a nearby table.

A headline-grabbing story, that illustrates, if without many clear answers, how a media creation about cold-blooded murder by a serial killer might implant its specific ideas and imagery into the mind of a vulnerable teen, who’s had problems with peers and with sibs and who has recently been withdrawn from high school because, as he says, the kids there were rude and bullying.

He’d been thinking about the killings for a while. Maybe carried them out when he did as his father was on a business trip. The film was used as a kind of teacher or mentor in terms of how to feel about being a murderer.