Media devices as babysitters

Technology tantrums: Dramatic rise in the number of ‘iPaddys’ when children are sent to bed without their favourite gadgets, Mail Online, March 12, 2013

A stunning article about how connected toddlers are becoming to their gadgets. We’re talking kids 2 to 4. Parents readily buy their kids vast numbers of these toys, mostly to keep them entertained. It’s the idea of media as babysitter.

The habit on the parents’ part then become using removal of the gadget from the child as a means of punishment. Such an approach to impacting on the child’s behavior often leads to further misbehavior: a temper tantrum because the cherished item has been taken away.

Furthermore, most parents quickly begin to see their child’s attachment to the hunk of machinery to be a problem. But the parents seem helpless to turn around their own decisions about giving the kids easy access to the gadgets in the first place.

These little ones are usually absorbed in their media devices for two to four hours per day. They’re trained into being good consumers by their unwitting parents at a very early age.