Media devices may be eliminating human empathy

Don’t let technology rob kids of social skills., December 3, 2013. 

A preposterous article on one level, yet sadly all too true. About how kids are spending so much time on smartphones and other electronic devices and so are not developing basic social skills.

The author suggests that kids are not learning how to shake hands with others, make eye contact and engaged in small talk very successfully because time is expended in their lives glued into gadgets, not engaged in one-on-ones with others or engaged in media-free human activities. This is a cultural drift that is having serious ramifications on young people’s capacities to interact with others.

A corollary of this article, one not mentioned in it, is the concern that with such human-to-media machine connections elbowing aside human-to-human contact, young persons grow up not only with diminished social skills but also potentially with dwindling capacities to feel empathy toward others. In  a sense, the hard-wiring in their media machines can become hardwired in them, with human warmth and compassion and humor and subtlety lost for many.