Media pervasiveness is often taken for granted

In Ohio Case, Social Media Is a Double-Edged Sword, The Sun-Chronicle, March 20, 2013

Yet another story about how the media so totally becomes part and parcel of the lives of American teens in ways they can barely comprehend.

Two teen males repeatedly rape a drunken teenage girl. First in a car and then in a basement. Terrible behaviors and ensuing trauma that has plagued the world of teens for centuries. What makes matters different here is the boys’ making pictures of it and sending it out on their cellphones, presumably on a lark.

On one side, the social media-derived pics became central to the subsequent legal case, which ended in convictions. On the other, the girl, who seems to have suffered from amnesia during the rapes, now has to suffer through her defiled image going viral around the world.

One part of this story hard to grasp is why these drunken teen boys took the pictures in the first place. What’s so funny and delicious about letting such photos go viral? A way of manifesting their machismo, I suspect. To their friends, who are cheering them on?