Media presents impossible standards of beauty

Media images of ideal feminine beauty flawed. Borderzine, May 23, 2014.

A valuable article that relies on a number of worthwhile sources to makes its major point: Girls growing up with the media as their “super peer” find themselves facing dilemmas in terms of body image. The resultĀ is an unrealistic set of self-expectations and often a sense of their own inferiority.

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the major sources of information alluded to in this article include writings by the American Psychological Association about the sexualization of women, the short film by Jean Kilbourne entitled “Killing Me Softly,” and interviews with a few mothers of young girls already in the thrall of the media and its confusing images about female beauty.

A little known fact is the idea that the advertising companies actually use photos of more than one woman’s body to create the imagery for a specific advertisement for a supposedly perfect woman.

My major concerns are not simply that girls strive sometimes relentlessly and destructively to achieve certain physical goals related to idealized physical beauty but also that they often and in fact usually fall short and so feel terrible about themselves. Also, boys want girls with these physical attributes and so look beyond other more meaningful traits in a female.

And all of this is happening on an subliminal level. Kids are learning implicitly how to feel and what to want. And parents need to fight against this “learning,” often without the tools to do so.