Media touches on every health concern of young people

Young people and social media: Docs examine pitfalls, CNN, November 27, 2012

A concise statement about how the American Academy of Pediatrics has taken a strong stand on the potential pitfalls of the media on the lives of their young patients.

Dr. David Hill, the chairman-elect of the American Academy’s committee on communications and the media, is working to get pediatricians more and more concerned about media issues so that pediatricians will be able to discuss the matter during regular wellness visits with their young patients and parents.

The AAP understands that the media touches on every health concern of young people, including aggression, sex obesity, drugs and academic achievement. Pediatricians aim to discuss their concerns openly with their patients.

Interestingly, the comments that follow this article, presumably ones generated by young people, dismiss the media concerns of the doctors and seem to claim that the doctors are catastrophizing.