Too much media immersion can lead to depression

TV, gaming ’cause depression in children.’ IOL Lifestyle, September 13 2013.

The sheer number of scholarly articles keeps mounting. In this article, which features a study done by researchers in Britain, it seems that immersion in screens by kids has a number of problematic effects in the areas of self esteem, anxiety and depression.

Since I have not read the scholarly article myself, I cannot comment on what causal factors the researchers see as facilitating the child heavily immersed in the media toward developing problems with low self esteem, etc. In my experience as a clinician and student of the subject of children and the media, I would suspect that the whole problem of the child drawing comparisons between him- or herself and the actors on the screen leaves the child feeling inferior and not as capable as those who grace the screens on which he or she lavishes so much attention.

There is no scholar in this article who takes the other side. Rather, it is the media industry itself that fields a spokesperson who simply states that what the scholars have concluded simply isn’t true.