Not enough excercise

Are Canadian Kids Too Tired to Move?, date unknown.

A must-read article about the dangers of too much screen time and the flip-side. Not enough time and energy being expended on actual physical activity had its dangers too. One of the major upshots of the article is that when kids are in front of screens too many hours a day, even though they have done little physical activity, they are often very, very tired.

This means less time for studying, procrastination on beginning studying, and often late night freakouts by kids when homework is actually due.

To be sure, many professional organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics have been recommending for decades that children and adolescents should be spending two hours or less in front of screens on any given day. Yet American families have ignored this sage advice and have cluttered the living spaces of their children more and more with screens of different shapes and sizes. Sadly, it has become the norm in the American family for kids to have many screens in their own bedrooms and for the kids to be left unattended in front of the screens for hours on end.

Though in my articles and on my website I have focused on not just time wasted in front of screens but also the content of media, this article focuses exclusively on the sheer time spent.

The results of the study conducted in Canada is sobering, and families should take heed.

In my experience, sadly parents allow the number of screens to proliferate and then they enter into pitched battles with their kids over the impacts that this endless screen time lifestyle engenders. Parents need to take a step back, reconsider their own behaviors and take control of the own living spaces and those of their children.