Our culture is steeped in violence

How we teach violence to children. The Thomaston Times, September 1, 2015.

A timely article given the sheer number of mass shootings that are rocking the nation. The last two big ones – at the Planned Parenthood clinic and in San Bernadino – are beyond troubling, and the failure of the nation’s leadership to do anything in terms of banning the sale of assault weapons or  blocking individuals on no fly list from buying such weapons seems unconscionable and makes the US Congress into accomplices in these crimes.

But the other issue is that of how violent the media remains, and, as this article states the matter, how acts of violence seem to be solutions to problems rather than the problem itself.

As the author points out,  the sheer number of superheroes  in whose violent acts our kids are now reveling is immense. It’s really sad to ponder how we don’t have more action figures of great peace makers on the shelves.  Small wonder we revel in political figures who resort to comments about World War III breaking out and the need to assault distant land masses with bombs and special ops units. We are swimming in violent imagery. Naturally we perceive such violence as the only way forward.