Oversimplifying the issue

Former FBI profiler says games do not cause violence, GameSpot, February 25, 2013.

“Former FBI profiler says games do not cause violence.” A very misleading title since the FBI profiler, who was being interviewed on “Face the Nation,” was not disputing that exposure to violent media is a risk factor in terms of kids turning to violence and aggression. Rather, she sees violent media as one of many factors including gang involvement, poverty and family violence that can lead to violence in youths.

She does see violent video games, however, as used by certain individuals already prone toward violence using these games to make themselves more effective in perpetrating violence, like a mentor or trainer as I have suggested.

Also appearing on this same “Face the Nation” broadcast was Tim Winter, president of the Parents Television Council. He argued, quite correctly, that since the media is so ubiquitous in our children’s lives it offers them 24/7 exposure and so “…it’s a percent of the problem,” he stated. “And we need to address it.”

Winter cited a game in which the player kills a police officer, then urinates on him, and next lights him on fire. Though he did not give the name of the game in question, such potential actions by a player seem plausible from my perspective. I wish, however, he had stated the game’s name.