Parents are concerned about media violence, but will it last?

Survey Says: Parents Concerned About Media Violence, Broadcast & Cable, January 10, 2013

A good article about a hopeful survey that demonstrates, at least for now, that parents are truly concerned about how both access for kids to guns and access to violent media can be playing a role to America developing a culture of violence. My concern is that parental concern will fade as the Newtown massacre recedes from parental and cultural memory.

One specific idea is to ban the advertising of violent media products, including films, TV shows and  video games during the broadcasting of sports events, which kids avidly watch. This idea would be comparable to the banning of tobacco products on TV as these violent products are, in my opinion, a matter of public safety, much like smoking. 

In my recent article on Psych Central I raise a similar argument in regard to junk food advertising during kids TV shows and make a similar argument about how this is not a matter of free speech but rather an issue of public safety.