Passive TV time vs. active computer time

Why All Screen Time Is Not Created Equal, The Online Mom.

A worthwhile piece that needs to be read respectfully and carefully. The writer/mother begins with a vignette regarding an interaction with another mom who links together TV time and computer time and is adamantly against both. The writer begs to differ. She sees computer time as valuable and TVs not so much. She sees time with one as creative and interactive and the other as passive and inhibiting of creativity.

Though there is much to be said for the writer’s distinction, I think it is important to understand that kids often use computers, especially when on the Internet, as engines to access entertainment media, which immediately pulls them back into passive watching, etc. Also, video games, when played on the computer can be either problematic or helpful in terms of improving eye-hand capabilities.

The problem for parents is often related to how much time they feel they can take to monitor kids on the computer. I see the writer/mother as setting up a straw man argument since in truth kids are now spending on average 8 hours daily with the media, and most of this is not educational at all.