Pressure to drink comes not just from peers but from mainstream media

 Alcohol Advertisements Promote Underage Drinking, Teen Ink

Before students graduate from high school they will have watched about 2000 alcohol commercials per years. Naturally kids soak up what they see.

Pressure to drink arises not just from peers but from subtle, often subliminal messages offered them by commercials and other media sources, like movies and pop music, that depict drinking as an attractive, fun and even funny activity.

Alcohol drinking is associated with friendship, sex appeal, and pure pleasure in the form of fun at great parties. 

Studies prove that alcohol commercials lead to teen morbidity and mortality related to traffic accidents. 

Alcohol companies want to claim that alcohol advertising does not influence kids very much, but this is only smoke and mirrors.

One study shows that for each additional hour of TV viewing per day, the average risk of starting to drink rises by 9% during the next 18 months. This is a scary statistic.