Relentless marketing contributes to childhood obesity

Childhood Obesity: WHO Says Marketing Of Unhealthy Foods To Kids Is ‘Disastrously Effective’, The Huffington Post, June 18, 2013.

A valuable article that describes a recent report from the World Health Organization. The WHO has surveyed problem of childhood obesity and found that childhood obesity is rampant in much of the developed world.


One in every three children in a total of 53 countries are obese.

The WHO report goes on to say that it is not just sitting in front of a screen instead of playing this is the problem. It is also the fact that kids are daily bombarded with commercials that present salty, fatty and sweet foods in very attractive manners.

WHO also points out that the makers of these unhealthy foods find creative ways to enter kids’ life at every turn: on the Internet and via social media. Apparently the makers of the unhealthy foods are finding ways to offer their message as cheaply and effectively as possible.

WHO recommends that the only way to impact on the “disastrously effective” impact on children’s eating habits is via legislation. The food industry cannot be expected to police itself since its only real purpose is making profit for its stockholders and CEOs.