Role models

Why Is Bragging About Being Rich On Social Media Totally Okay?, July 31, 2013.

An article that gives one reason to pause and ponder. It stars Miley Cyrus on a spending spree, her bragging about it even sprawling amid her easily bought wares. The article also gives mention to other young starlets like  Jessica Simpson and  the Kardashians behaving in a similar manner. Why is such bragging and such conspicuous consumption cool or even acceptable?

Miley Cyrus

I think one answer is that these young women are idols or even role models to many young females. So anything they do is fine.

 Another is that so many, many young people are living vicariously through them. The truth is that they are the ‘haves’ while many of their fans are not. They are in the so-called upper 1% while most of their admirers are far, far off.

Another reason is our worship of wealth. In a certain sense, we all wish we had it in abundance, and so its tasteless display by the like of Cyrus and Simpson may actually deepen our worship of them, not damage their reputation. Worshipping the wealthy is an American pastime.

Still another reason is the fact that the media, including the social media, serves as a hall of mirrors. When we watch even films or TV shows about supposedly middle class people, they often spend money impulsively and show off clothing and furnishings far beyond their earning capacities. So we almost take wealth for granted in the media, even though real life is far different.

Finally, we now possess a strange device called the credit card, which allows us to go on shopping sprees whenever we so choose. It’s like magic. So what Cyrus does is what we can do, without little immediate damage. It’s only later that the reality sinks in, and the later can be much later if we choose to pay minimal amounts on these sprees every month.