Screen time isn’t beneficial to toddlers

Group: Apps not effective tool for teaching babies. The Big Story, August 7 2013.

An article about a growing controversy that is worth absorbing and understanding. A child advocacy group called The Campaign for A Commercial-Free Childhood has been putting legal pressure on the makers of apps like Baby Einstein to stop misrepresenting their products as somehow making infants and toddlers smarter by kids plugging into them.

The issue here is that any actual research does not support the position of the makers of these apps, which include Fisher-Price and the Disney Company. The problem is that we live in a free-for-all society in which profit often out-trumps the truth, and a child’s welfare is of secondary importance to big American companies doing extremely well for the CEOs and stockholders.

Plaudits to the child advocacy group for doing what they’re doing and speaking truth to the Goliaths.

More than once the experts restate the obvious: time with parents and other humans is much more important developmentally than time in front of a screen.