Seeking help for media addiction

My First Session at a Private Tech Addiction Clinic. Motherboard, August 19, 2015.

An article at once funny and sad. It’s written by a bona fide internet addict who is undergoing treatment for his addiction at the Nightingale Hospital in London in a private clinic for individuals with this relatively new but quickly spreading form of addiction.

Though Mr Jones, the author, describes only a bit of what the treatment consists of, it’s clear that he sees the problem as serious, and further, that many other humans throughout the world are realizing how much the so-called addition is undermining the lives and happiness of many, many of the human race.

The problem is detectible in the lives of many when they become aware that they simply cannot seem to stop checking their emails or text messages incessantly, or cannot stay away from certain websites or video games. We’re talking news junkies and porn browsers alike. The major points here are that the person cannot stop wasting time, comes up with excuses for needing to do so, and has cut him or herself off from actual relationships.

I suspect that such clinics as the one at the Nightingale Hospital in London will continue to mushroom throughout the world and that more and more suffering souls like Mr. Jones will turn to them for help.

But the underlying problem is that the post-industrial world needs many, many consumers to be riveted to their media machines in order to keep the economies or the world growing quickly enough to avoid recessions. Further, many of the websites, etc. that many of us now frequent are truly interesting and compelling. Once we’re in, we’re bound to get hooked, and have a very, very hard time in breaking the cycle of media addiction.