Social media has been flooded with ads from sex workers

Prostitutes openly using Facebook and Twitter to sell sex ‘are putting children at risk’, The Daily Mail, January 30, 2013

A fresh article about an ongoing social problem: kids being presented with opportunities to meet prostitutes via Facebook and Twitter.

The article describes a growing problem in Britain, but a similar story had hit the headlines in America more than a year ago. Seems that mainline social media engines have been flooded with ads from sex workers, and their propositions are coming directly to kids.

When the owners and operators of major social media sites are asked by newspapers to remove these ads and links, they may or may not comply, depending on whether someone can prove a break of the law. It’s seems the laws are “Swiss cheese,” we’re told.

As long as there’s profit to be made, Twitter, Facebook and other sites will keep allowing the prostitutes to offer their wares openly and freely to kids.