Social Media used as a cruel tool in divorce

Social media often used as cruel tool in divorce,, August 29, 2012

A simple article that makes a subtle point about how, if there is acrimony or cooperation at the heart of a divorce, then social media such as email or Facebook can make its way into the family dynamics, be it to magnify problems or enhance cooperation. In short, social media becomes a family member.

In a case of mine, a desperately unhappy man with a depressed wife and three sons used a dating website in the confines of his home to meet other women even as he sat in his own home and ostensibly was doing his job as a computer programmer. He eventually eloped with one of his cyperspace paramours. In another, a man and a woman with a son, who could never talk on the telephone to settle any matter of interest and usually reverted to quarreling, were able to work through email to arrange visitations of the father with the son in a non-emotional way and so get on. In short, the social media can be used for ill or for good depending on the parents in question.