Viewing media has become a solitary activity

Family television hour as a thing of the past. Hot Air, June 23,2013.

A thoughtful article about the shifting landscape of media for children. Read in conjunction with other articles, it makes the point that the field of play in terms of children’s media keeps shifting from season to season in that it seems almost impossible to keep kids away from a lot of R rated media, and so why bother to try?

Specifically, it seems that children’s viewing has shifted from the networks to the cable and now to the Internet, what with Netflix and Amazon taking over more and more of the field.

The issue here of course is that parents must be parents and usually have a lot of emotional investment in their kids. They love their kids and want them to lead healthy, happy and good lives.

Another idea is that some claim that individuals and professionals like myself who see serious dangers in too much immersion in questionable media are simply using scare tactics.

But I remain seriously concerned about how often 8 hours immersion in the media in the course of a day impacts on a child’s life, often negatively. And I concur with the positions of the American Academy of Pediatrics that limiting screen time is important for a child’s healthy development.