YouTube shows a lack of interest in violent media

The (Non)Violent World of YouTube: Content Trends in Web Video, Journalist’s Resource, March 4, 2013.

youtube_logoAn interesting article with a thought-provoking conclusion. A research group at the University of Indiana set out to study the amount of violence found on YouTube and compared this with the amount of violence found on mainstream media (MSM). The outcome: about 70% of MSM products contain violence, only 13% on YouTube.

If one then analyzes more deeply violence on YouTube, one quickly comprehends that much of YouTube violence is not amateur-generated but rather material from violent professional media like violent video game material. If just amateur-generated YouTube material is studied, only 7% of it is violent.

What to make of this? One theory is that it takes more financial outlay to produce violence. Another is that violence really doesn’t play that well with most people. Therefore, the argument used by professional media makers that they make violent media because that’s what the public wants may not be true at all.

This is a point made quite well by Jim Steyer in his book The Other Parent: The public is not as interested in bloody media productions as the makers of media like to think. Rather it is the few who make this stuff that really like it, and the public follows along.